Thursday, July 11, 2013

Alligator in northwest Alabama!

Yes, it is true. Two days ago, a 6' alligator was found in the shallows of Cypress Creek in Florence, Alabama! This was somewhat of a shock to many Alabamians, because this area is located in the state's northwest region. We do have many species of bass and catfish in northwest Alabama, but 'never heard of an alligator here. The only place I have ever seen an alligator was in a wildlife area in Florida while on vacation many years ago. Alabama's far left southern tip does border the Gulf of Mexico and we are also bordered by Florida, where alligators have lived for many ages. Nearby Mississippi is also home to some alligators. The specific area on Cypress Creek where this one was found (in northwest Alabama), is not near the Gulf of Mexico, Florida, or the coast of Mississippi. Alligators are not indigenous to north Alabama. The gator was safely removed and relocated to a remote area in Alabama, along the Elk River. Citizens there say that while they understand that the residents along Cypress Creek do not want the gator, that they also are fearful of the gator and will call the proper authorities if necessary. Do we need an alligator farm or sanctuary? Will the gator continue to be re-captured and re-located time after time? While I respect all wildlife, including alligators, I am also fearful of them. It seems that no one wants the gator dead, we just fear the gator being in our own areas. What a situation this is...

'So glad that no humans or the gator were harmed or killed. Since this gator is young, it is almost certain that his parents are nearby and reproducing. He may already have some brothers and sisters. The above photo is not of our Cypress Creek alligator, but is a beautiful image of one. We wonder how alligators will affect our indigenous animal species in northwest Alabama. How awesome is this discovery?!
Image: demon@Morguefile


Birdy said...

This is good that the gator was observed before casing any harm to a human being.

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Holy Moly!!

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Farming On Faith said...

Oh my stars!

That's is all I can say about that!

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jean said...

Why don't they call Florida authorities and ask if they could send the alligator to a Florida preserve? Also, there could be a possibility that someone was raising and harboring a small alligator that got too big for his "home".

Danice said...

Yes, I also thought they should have contacted Florida authorities. And, I wouldn't doubt that someone did have the alligator as a pet and it got too large for them to handle. So glad that they did not kill the alligator.