Sunday, October 05, 2014

Please, not another...

Oh my goodness. It seems that many of the new programs that feature animals are depicting treatment that some people do not think to be humane. If I see another animal program on television that features someone questionably or illegally trapping, hunting, "rescuing" an animal, it is enough to make one totally disgusted. It is almost like it is popular to engage in such activities. Being from the South USA, we do have some people who could be classified as hillbillies or "rednecks". It is certainly fine to be in that classification. However, what is not fine is to engage in/support such activity. By the way, such people do live in areas other than in the South USA...

All in the name of "loving animals", these activities are. On many of the programs, there is even rivalry among the participants. How does it even matter, when they are all engaging in these activities that are often inhumane towards animals (wild and domesticated) and sometimes even illegal? It's like trying to choose the least worse of the worse.This is to say nothing of the exploitation of animals for humans' own interests. 'Could talk all day about the wrongness of that subject.

There was a television program that taught the dangers and cruelty of such activities, but of course that program has been cancelled. 'Guess the truth wasn't popular. In many areas, it is legal to own and cage wild animals with no weight limit per animal or no law regulating if said animal is venomous. As one professional said, no one who is not properly trained should ever be near wild animals. There is a lot to be said for admiring from a distance. A common excuse heard in regards to someone who has been killed by their "tame wild animal" is that person just "didn't understand the animal", or "didn't know what they were doing [but I do know]". Come on now, those are just excuses and denials. There is no wild animal that believes a human is "one of them". It's amazing how some people think that they can undo millions of years of evolution in less years.

So, in summation, can the television programming please not feature people who are engaging in inhumane and/or illegal activity concerning animals? Should not we at least question our own humanity and standards if we really like viewing such activities? After all, actions do speak louder than words...

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Azalea planted

Azaleas are flowering shrubs in the genus Rhododendron, very popular in the South USA. We planted this one last Spring. Azaleas prefer shade, and non-acidic soil. There are many varieties. Gardeners have bred azaleas for many years. The best times to plant are early Spring or Autumn. 'Hoping that this one has a long and beautiful life.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Stormy April

Hello friends. 'Sure many of you have heard about the storms that have been ravaging parts of the Midwest and the South. The photo above was shot by me around 7 PM, near downtown in a small northwest Alabama city. 'Got caught out in all of the rain while running an important errand. At this time, that particular [storm] cell was just beginning. It was three years ago yesterday that much of the South was nearly demolished by record-high EF4 and EF5 tornadoes. 'Hoping the remainder of today and tomorrow will not be that severe. Sadly, we have heard already of three confirmed fatalities today in our area. Alabama Governor Bentley has declared every county in Alabama to be in a state of emergency. Several thousand people have no electricity. We have also heard that some people in Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas have suffered fatalities and property damage. Everyone be safe at home, and very careful if you must travel during these dangerous conditions.