Thursday, September 11, 2014

Azalea planted

Azaleas are flowering shrubs in the genus Rhododendron, very popular in the South USA. We planted this one last Spring. Azaleas prefer shade, and non-acidic soil. There are many varieties. Gardeners have bred azaleas for many years. The best times to plant are early Spring or Autumn. 'Hoping that this one has a long and beautiful life.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Stormy April

Hello friends. 'Sure many of you have heard about the storms that have been ravaging parts of the Midwest and the South. The photo above was shot by me around 7 PM, near downtown in a small northwest Alabama city. 'Got caught out in all of the rain while running an important errand. At this time, that particular [storm] cell was just beginning. It was three years ago yesterday that much of the South was nearly demolished by record-high EF4 and EF5 tornadoes. 'Hoping the remainder of today and tomorrow will not be that severe. Sadly, we have heard already of three confirmed fatalities today in our area. Alabama Governor Bentley has declared every county in Alabama to be in a state of emergency. Several thousand people have no electricity. We have also heard that some people in Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas have suffered fatalities and property damage. Everyone be safe at home, and very careful if you must travel during these dangerous conditions.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Are those pants?

Hello friends. This post is a bit delayed, as much has been going on in my life. The question proposed is: Are those pants? OK, this is in reference to an episode of Finding Bigfoot. Firstly, I have nothing but respect for the four members of the Finding Bigfoot team. They are all very educated and experienced researchers/squatchers. It is not their abilities and knowledge that is the subject here. Personally, I do think there is an ape species (bigfoot) that most of academia science does not yet recognize. However, on the episode that aired on 24 November 2013, Best Evidence Yet, there is a detail that I noticed after watching the witness' video several times on my 36" television screen.

Look at the creature's left leg on the still frame... where it is at the nearly 90° angle. There is a space of no dark coloring just above the ankle level. Shortly above that area, 'looks like a vertical line of a pants leg. Does anyone else notice this detail? Is it just a thermal imager aspect that I do not understand, or what? Could this be like the Buckeye Bigfoot episode of 29 January 2012, where it was found that the "creature" shaking the tree was in fact a [hu]man wearing jeans? This Brown video from Best Evidence Yet is very interesting and believable. Next to the Patterson-Gimlin footage of 1967, the Brown footage definitely is in the top two. This is not to suggest that Mr. Brown and/or his son are hoaxers, but that perhaps someone was messing with them. 'Have found nothing online about this detail. Anyone who has some input on this is welcome to comment.


'Just learned from one of the Finding Bigfoot team members that it is most likely that the vertical line is from the rain and temperature on the thermal imager. His first-hand scientific explanation is that a thermal imager could not pick-up a pants leg from that distance.